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Bns Computer Remarketers

Bns Computer Remarketers Buy, Sell and Recycle Computers.

We are located at 1/45 Adrian Road Campbellfield 3061.

Bns Remarketers helps corporations, educational institutions and governmental agencies better manage the responsibility of IT Disposal.

We supply a straightforward collection and guaranteed environmentally responsible disposal ?

ZERO TO LANDFILL is our aim.

Pick up/Collection/Removal of Computers and IT E-Waste

All inclusive services include:

  • computer and IT E-Waste pick up and collection
  • vehicle and driver provided at your location

We Ensure that confidential and sensitive data are securely erased.

  • Hard disks can be wiped clean and physically destroyed if required.

Our disposal and recycling process consists of the following break-down:-Metals: are 100% recyclable and are re-smelted and re-manufactured for use

A low cost **Removal and Recycling Fee May Apply**

Donations or environmentally friendly recycling.

All IT Ewaste that are non-working, faulty, scrap or containing no commercial value are disassembled to component level and sent to fully license recycling partners for processing to base commodities which ensures recovery rates of up to 98%.

E-waste that can be recycled includes but is not limited to:

Monitors, Desktop Computers, Keyboards, Mice,Laptop Computers, Mainframe Computer Systems, Boards, Hard Drives, Floppy drives, CD ROMs,Faxes, Printers, Computer Boards, CPUs, Memory Chips, Circuit Boards, Connecting Wires, and Cables.

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